TEDxHWZ 2020

The first ever TEDxHWZ was broadcasted on November 21, 2020 under the title “The Future World”. More as 300 participants from countries all over the world attended this unique and 100% virtual event.
If you missed the event or would like to listen to the extraordinary speeches again, they are available here.

Photo by Lukas Pitsch / proimagehub

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50% of the ticket sales went to the foundation that opens eyes

The Vision Himalaya charitable project supports local eye specialists in the Himalayas to help people suffering from cataracts regain their sight and thus their self-determination thanks to Mobile Eye Surgery Camps at local permanent eye centers. For most patients in the whole Himalayan region such an surgery, which costs as low as CHF 50.00, would be unaffordable and unattainable without the Vision Himalaya Foundation, which has already financed over 9000 cataract surgeries. Do not hesitate to donate to Vision Himalaya: https://vision-himalaya.ch