Speakers 2020

We delve into the theme of “The Future World” with a wonderful selection of speakers sure to inspire (All Speakers and Hosts will hold their talks and sessions in English):

Frank & Patrik Riklin | Barbara Bisko | Flavio Stragiotti | Kantarama Gahigiri | Schoscho Rufener | Evelyn Eisenhauer | Florence Schelling | Thomas Bosshard | Stefan Klöckl | Claire Murigande | Emi Lorincz | Bernhard Wolff

Frank & Patrik Riklin
Concept Artists & Artrepreneurs

Re-humanization of the digital society

Will analogization follow digitalization? They have been dealing with this question for 18 months. According to futurologists, humanity must revolutionize itself if it does not want to abolish itself through the inexorable digitization excess. The more digital the world becomes, the greater the risk of zombization. With their new artwork “Threading”, the Riklin brothers want to connect all households through a textile thread as a way of both supplementing and answering the digital networking mania. The aim is to create an unusual analog thread network.

About Frank & Patrik Riklin

In 1999 the twin brothers Frank & Patrik Riklin founded the artistic enterprise ATELIER FÜR SONDERAUFGABEN (Atelier For Special Tasks) in St. Gallen, Switzerland, with the goal of producing independent and uncompromising art and identifying special tasks for which no one really feels responsible. In their work they are looking for ways to break free of the white cube and rely on social participation. Their art always has a relationship with other subsystems and therefore moves in a gray zone with lots of creative potential.

Frank & Patrik say that art must have a function, and they invented the profession “artonomist”. They work with public institutions as well as businesses, and develop ideas that create new realities. This way, they not only enjoy independence from the classical art funding, but they are also free to provoke uncertainty about the characteristics of their profession. This allows them to open up new fields of interest.

Both of the Riklin brothers completed an apprenticeship in architecture and afterwards studied art at various art universities. With projects like NULL STERN HOTEL (Zero Star Hotel), BIGNIK and FLIEGEN RETTEN IN DEPPENDORF (Saving Flies in Deppendorf) they have achieved international recognition as conceptual artists.

Barbara Bisko
Digital Enthusiast

How to avoid paper cuts in the tech industry

According to Forbes, “Women leave the tech industry at a 45% higher rate than men.” Although everyone seems to acknowledge the unresolved gender imbalance in the tech industry, there are still many arguments over how to tackle it. Barbara shares her personal story and knowledge about how to make constructive change and create a culture that makes people want to stay.

About Barbara Bisko

Barbara has a passion for digital topics which she has pursued and explored over the last 10 years as a consultant in renowned digital agencies. Today she works on the corporate side and loves to share her profound knowledge through managing digital transformation projects, web platforms and mobile apps.

Equally important topics to her are internal communication, culture and processes, as they are the foundations of teams that enjoy long-term success.

Flavio Stragiotti
Marketing Director and Inventor

Process versus humanity – what is more effective?

It’s broadly known that, in today’s world, processes are a key factor in driving automation and efficiencies. With evolving digital capabilities (including AI) we are facing an exciting, quantum leap ahead of us.

However, in some cases we experience processes that are totally failing. Are there areas where we should rather focus on pure humanity to outstrip the performance of processes? Some real examples will help us answer this question.

About Flavio Stragiotti

An international jack-of-all-trades, husband, father of three, coach of a highly talented kitesurfer, marketing director, trained electrical engineer and inventor, Flavio has a passion for making his visions come true. Professionally, Flavio has been working for international corporations for 25 years, mainly from the USA; for the last 16 years he worked in sales and marketing management positions in medical device companies. In addition, as a micro entrepreneur, he has realized some of his ideas in the form of several inventions. Flavio and his family have experienced and learned a great deal during his numerous stations in South, West and East Africa, Israel and Belgium, among others.

Kantarama Gahigiri
Filmmaker, Writer & Director

Culture is software. On the need to imagine a common future.

The ability to create fiction is what characterizes us as a species. Stories have helped us organize and move towards a common goal across the ages and the continents. Now that we are about to face our biggest challenges yet on a global level, will we be able to imagine a way to survive them? Will we be able to understand that culture is our most precious software?

About Kantarama Gahigiri

Kantarama Gahigiri is a Swiss and Rwandan filmmaker, a Fulbright Award recipient, and holds a Master’s degree in Cinema and International Relations. She is currently developing the feature film Tanzanite, a futuristic, eco-conscious odyssey that takes place in Kenya in 2045. As a writer-director, she is enjoying an intense research phase, immersed in near-future projections, for a better understanding of the needs of her film. Her previous film Tapis Rouge has been screened and received awards worldwide, including the TV5Monde Best Francophone Feature Film and Best Directing awards, followed by a theatrical release in Switzerland and in France (2017). Her latest project Ethereality is competing at the Oscar-qualifying Chicago International Film Festival (2020). 

Kantarama has been selected for the Realness Institute Residency (South Africa 2018), Artists in Residency (Australia 2019), La Fabrique Cinéma at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival (2019), Zurich Film Festival Masterclass (Switzerland 2019), 5x5x5 Residency at Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (Switzerland 2019), and Moulin d’Andé – CÉCI Residency (France 2020).

Schoscho Rufener
Entrepreneur & Coach

Listen to your heart

Schoscho will describe his story – from being/feeling inviolable on top of the world to all of a sudden finding himself under the glare of the lights in an emergency room.

Thankfully, that event changed his life. Schoscho is now on the path of mindfulness and he likes to share his insights with entrepreneurs and people of interest. With this speech, he wants to give valuable insights to the audience about the turns that life can take.

About Schoscho Rufener

Schoscho is a devoted observer of trends in society and economics and has started building various ventures in the entertainment and coaching industries. His passion is bringing out the best in people.

He started his career in entertainment, where he soon reached the top of the industry and was hailed as one of the most promising entrepreneurs in the event and entertainment space in Europe. An incident turned his career around: he changed his focus from business to people and started his new career in mindfulness practices and coaching.

Evelyn Eisenhauer
Media Expert

Every cell iTs software

Until very recently, it was thought that genes were unchangeable. Today, scientists see this differently. Genes themselves are also subject to environmental influences, which means that genomes can be “reprogrammed”. In her talk, Evelyn Eisenhauer wants to provide insights into which environmental influences have a major impact and why it is so important to know one’s genes.

About Evelyn Eisenhauer

Evelyn Eisenhauer is passionate about the publishing and media industry. Strong brands and content have accompanied her for about 20 years, just like the digital transformation. People, technology and processes are central to her current job in the marketing of digital and print media when it comes to inspiring and motivating change.

Besides her passion for media, she is fascinated with the topic of epigenetics. Although she didn’t know it at the time, she laid the foundation over 10 years ago, when she discovered the extraordinary effects of meditation and fasting on the body and mind. Today, a major concern of hers is creating awareness of the need to take responsibility for one’s own health and the fact that prevention starts with an individually optimized lifestyle.

Florence Schelling
General Manager

Behind the Mask

Florence came into contact with ice hockey for the first time at the tender age of four. And from then on, she only wanted one thing: to play ice hockey, in the position of goalkeeper. She always had a big dream of one day going to the Olympic Games as a hockey goalie. In her talk, she wants to share her path with you, which, contrary to all conventions and prejudices, brought her to the top of professional ice hockey, namely as the first female general manager of SC Bern.

About Florence Schelling

Florence is a four-time ice hockey Olympian, having participated in the 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympic Games, where she and her team placed 7th in 2006, 5th in 2010, 3rd in 2014 and 5th in 2018. At the Olympic Games in Sochi, she was named the tournament most valuable player (MVP).

In addition to the Olympic Games, Florence represented Switzerland in 11 World Championships, and medaled (bronze) once, in 2012. After her professional playing career, she became the assistant coach and later the head coach of the Swiss U18 Women’s National Team.

In addition to her athletic career, Florence graduated with a Master of Science in Business Administration and is currently the General Manager for SC Bern, Western Europe’s largest professional ice hockey organization.

Thomas Bosshard

Preventing Blindness – Bringing Light to the World

Cataracts are the number one cause of blindness worldwide. According to the WHO, more than 30 million people are left in complete darkness due to untreated cataracts. Blindness is still one of the biggest health care problems we face on this planet. While cataract surgery is a standard part of care in the developed world, access to proper care is denied to millions of people in developing countries. But we are able to bring back light to the world, thanks to technological advances, education, training and multilateral cooperation between industry, charitable organizations and governments.

About Thomas Bosshard

Thomas has been in the eye care business (ophthalmology) for almost fifteen years. Heading an international family business specialized in the design and manufacturing of surgical devices and instruments for eye surgery, he gained thorough personal experience of the ophthalmic market as well as healthcare worldwide. While travelling the world for his company, he developed a fascination for cataract surgery, one of the most effective and efficient surgical procedures to prevent blindness. Since then, on a daily basis, Thomas and his team strive for better, safer and more economic surgical solutions to help blind and visually impaired people around the globe.

Personally, Thomas is fascinated by the power and creativity which can be potentially found in every organization. He loves to enable and empower people and teams to create sustainable results together while giving sense and joy to people’s daily work lives.

Stefan Klöckl
Businesstrainer, owner & meaning creator at the Sinnfabrik

Let’s do it – for a more humane workplace

According to a study by Gallup, each year, the Swiss economy loses about 14 billion Swiss francs in profits. Why? Because managers are unsatisfactory. This figure is supported by a study by Great Place to Work, which found that one in two employees describes their supervisor as incompetent.

Stefan Klöckl gives you his three ideas about humane leadership.

About Stefan Klöckl

Stefan’s drive is his deep belief that we need to rethink the way we treat each other as a society. If we think and act more humanely, we can create a more meaningful working environment. A meaningful working environment, where everyone has fun, grows beyond themselves and takes responsibility for their actions. Stefan is 55 years old, married and father of two children. He’s the founder and owner of the Sinnfabrik – www.sinnfabrik.ch. He wants a humane working environment in which we trust each other unconditionally, appreciate each other and everyone takes responsibility for their actions. Stefan wants a humane working environment where everyone is respected in their uniqueness, where individuality comes before conformity. Furthermore, he wants a humane working environment where everyone has the right to be happy..

Claire Murigande
PhD, Medical Affairs Expert


By focusing our attention on ourselves, questioning our thoughts, we are able to make a tremendous impact on our own lives and around us; but also empower younger generations to fulfill their potential.

About Claire Murigande

Biologist by education and training with degrees from the universities of Geneva (BSc & MSc) and Basel (PhD), Claire has been professionally active in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for the last 12 years. She developed expertise, including leading roles, within Medical Affairs – a key function between Research & Development and the commercial organizations.

Claire strives to constantly learn new subjects, find opportunities in challenges, inspire and innovate in every context. She supports sharing knowledge as well as experience to enhance creativity. Her mantra under pressure: stay calm, you’ll find solutions to any issue before you know it.

Emi Lorincz
Sales & Business Development Director, Board Member

On the basis of Bitcoin – PRESERVING transaction privacy in the 21st century

With cash playing a diminishing role in payments and the majority of transactions being made online and through card payments, we are looking at a future where transaction privacy is not an option anymore. A dystopia in which all transactions and interactions are linked together and can be traced through instantaneous analysis. Governments can run their surveillance tech monitoring everyone and everything at all times.

Thankfully, this is a speculation, and we have an alternative future to this through a sovereign and decentralized financial instrument, called Bitcoin. Through this invention, we have the ability to push forward toward a more open, private and decentralized financial system.

About Emi Lorincz

Following various roles and functions in corporate finance, Emi Lorincz’s professional background has ranged from aircraft financing to commodity trading. Since 2017 her focus has been directed towards the ever evolving world of start-ups around digital assets and blockchain technology. Bringing a wealth of work experience from the traditional markets and the field of cryptocurrencies, she enjoys combining these two worlds to help companies benefit from both.

Dedicated to increasing the usage and adoption of cryptocurrencies, Emi is engaged in rolling-out the enterprise-grade solution of the security company Ledger while serving on the council of the Bancor Foundation and on the board of the Crypto Valley Association.

Bernhard Wolff
Creativity Speaker and Online Moderator

Reduce Distance! How Corona reinvented corporate events.

On Friday 13th March, 2020 creativity expert Bernhard Wolff from Berlin performed his last keynote for an onsite live audience. Then the meeting and event industry broke down. Business? Zero! Bernhard Wolff and his venue partner AXICA set up an online studio and the B2B format “Ideenfrühstück” to remain visible during the crisis. This project made the speaker and moderator a top consultant for the new normal: online and hybrid corporate events. In his talk he will share many ideas on how to reduce distance – when you have to maintain it.

About Bernhard Wolff

As a child, Bernhard Wolff discovered that he had the remarkable talent of speaking backwards. That inspired him to go on stage, become a comedy magician, keynote speaker and event moderator. As a “backwards speaker” he was invited to over 50 TV shows – and to the Arosa Humor Festival.

His passion for performing on stage was massively attacked during the Corona crisis. By reinventing corporate events, he found a way to stay close turn the crisis into an opportunity. Bernhard lives in Berlin with his family. He loves the lakes around the capital in Brandenburg state; and bananas, for a special reason that he will tell you.