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Partners 2021

The valuable contributions of our partners help to make this TEDxHWZ event and all the inspiring moments there possible.

Gold Partners

We shape the future of digital banking by taking care of  your daily finances with user-friendly, value-added financial services. We do this in a transparent and secure way, at a fair price and by having fun. We actively engage with our #Yapster community to build the best fin(ancial)tech(nologie) for the digital world, made in Switzerland. Give it a try and be the movement.


Our mission: Shaping the future of retail. 

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, enterprise agility and a work environment based on respectful collaboration and transparency we continue our success story as the Swiss market leader in the department stores’ sector. Having our corporate responsibility in mind, we offer a unique and inspiring selection of products, services and novelties providing an outstanding omnichannel shopping experience. Manor – special everyday.

As a university of applied sciences, it is of great concern to us to always consider new perspectives in order to shape our future. In our degree programmes, topics are not examined one-dimensionally, but instead multidimensionally. 

An innovative vision, a strong understanding of technology and distinctive communication skills are essential for managers who want to be digitally successful.

Silver Partners

We Swiss are never really satisfied. Constantly pushing boundaries is challenging. But we never stop there. And sometimes we are almost happy with our results.

Digitalparking the innovative & competent partner for parking management in private and public spaces. From digital payment to real time data and control, with our Eco System we are shaping the future of digital parking management.

ÖKK invests in the specialists of tomorrow, offering various apprenticeships and trainee positions. Employees can develop and expand upon their specific skills. As part of a “new work” concept, ÖKK allows all its staff to work from home and offers an annual working time model. This helps ensure that staff have a healthy work-life balance – no matter whether they are senior management, single parents or part-time workers. After all, it is only satisfied, well-balanced staff that can provide the outstanding levels of customer service for which ÖKK is known.

Designing the buildings of tomorrow means using new technology and the latest solutions such as BIM, VR, Smart Home and AI. Steiner is a driving force for digitalisation in the real estate sector, offering customers added value by launching new digital products. Each project incorporates the client’s expectations, integrating them into the design across various disciplines. Making visions reality.

We are aware of the unlimited possibilities of cannabis and therefore we see it as our obligation to unlock the untapped potential of this wonderful plant for the world’s largest industries: Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, human & animal nutrition, and building material resources.

We will improve the diversity of agriculture in a way that can sustainably address the world’s current industrial challenges and fundamental supply issues for the benefit of humanity.

Together we will create the future of premium mobility – with a wide range of fully electric vehicles that combine
intelligent technology with outstanding performance and sophisticated comfort. The complementarity of sustainability and digitalization will produce amazing opportunities and start a new era of mobility.

Reasonable, meaningful, and focused on people´s needs.
By progress you can feel.

Bronze Partners


  • Torso Swiss AG
  • Dominik von Känel
  • Familie Boffi-Lukacz
  • Helvetia
  • Electrolux
  • Meili Selection Hotels
  • LunchLotterie
  • Hannes Schwarzer (Salt Mobile SA)