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Andrea Bircher

Andrea Bircher

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Andrea is passionate about creating experiences – in her job she is designing digital experiences for the customers of her employer. As a mother, Andrea aims to craft unforgettable childhood memories for her kids. In both roles, she is part of a Co-Lead – in her private life she and her husband share their time with their two young boys. In business, Andrea leads a team together with a colleague, both working part-time. In all her roles one can feel her sense of humor and her love for simple, pragmatic solutions. Andrea does not believe in work-life-balance as it implies that work and life are two things that can be separated. Instead, Andrea aims to bring the different aspects of life to complement each other. 


Before starting a family Andrea’s curiosity and search for inspiration led her to travel around the world. At the age of 25 she had already visited all seven continents. In her professional development, she took opportunities for longer stays abroad in Denmark, the UK and Australia where she met her future husband. Andrea still loves to discover – now by campervan with her family in tow.


Why you should consider your work as an opportunity for a more relaxed family life

Balancing a career and a family requires a lot of energy. Driven by the initial question how to cope with mental load in her family life, Andrea challenged the dogmatic separation of work and family in favor of an overlapping approach. By integrating aspects of her work life, Andrea found a way to reduce stress in the daily routine of her family life and gain time for those things that really matter. On a very practical level she will tell you how she got there, what tools and leadership principles were successful and which pitfalls occurred along the way.