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Angela Matthes

Angela Matthes

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Angela Matthes started her career at Baloise Group when she was 15 ½ years old, where, after several leadership roles within the Group, for the last 8 years she was CEO of Baloise Life (Liechtenstein) AG. She has an MBA from the University of Rochester (NY) and an Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change from INSEAD. 2014 is a milestone in her biography: She leaves her male identity behind and changes to the gender she has always felt to be her own. Looking back she can say, this step took a lot of courage, but also a lot of appreciation and empathy for the professional and personal environment around her. Seven years later, living her life as a woman is a matter of course and an affirming experience. Now she can rest? Not at all. With curiousity for the new and a boundless appetite to leave the comfort zone, Angela has left Baloise at the end of January 2021 to launch herself into independence, in search of the future of insurance and all she can learn along the way.


Learning the Power of Vulnerability in Leadership

Angela on this: “The world around us is changing at an ever-faster pace. And a leader is no longer expected to be infallible (which they weren’t) or to have all the answers (which they didn’t). Today’s and tomorrow’s leaders admit they don’t have all the answers and they make mistakes too. They are always learning! They create an environment where everyone can learn and grow to be their best and make their greatest contribution to the company. I had a profound encounter with the power of vulnerability during my transition that led me to believe that vulnerability is a superpower in leadership.”