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Jean-Philippe Hagmann

Jean-Philippe Hagmann

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Jean-Philippe Hagmann has a background as mechanical engineer as well as industrial designer and is the founder of the Agency for Radical Innovation. In 2018, he wrote the highly acclaimed book “Stop Playing Innovation Theater!” and will publish his second book entitled “A Meta-Model for Agile Innovation” in the fall of 2021. For more than ten years, Jean-Philippe Hagmann has been advising companies from a wide range of industries on the topic of radical innovation. He is also head of the product design course at the Zurich School of Design (SfGZ), a lecturer in innovation management, and an expert at Innosuisse, the government agency for the promotion and financial support of innovation.


How our striving for data constantly undermines agility

Agility is the ability to deal with complex change. One of the biggest enemies of organizational agility comes in the form of a savior that hardly anyone questions: the requirement to have robust data for everything.

Data is the new gold, right? We live in an age of numbers – of KPIs, of statistics, of data accumulation. In this talk, Jean-Philippe Hagmann explores the question of whether measurement is not only useless in many cases, but can often even be harmful. And whether not measuring in our age of numbers might actually be a competitive advantage and promote agility.