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Julian Däster

Julian Däster

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Julian Däster developed his passion for understanding complex causal connections while studying social psychology in Basel. His interest in people, technology and culture led him to the retail industry, where he first started in market research and shortly after specialized in e-commerce. Over the last few years, he has driven the digital transformation of a traditional retailer. In doing so, openness, collaboration and fun are very important to him. He believes that even a serious problem like ecological damage in Switzerland can provide opportunities for innovative ideas and changing the social context to positively influence human behavior. Julian learned this principle from his parents. Even today, lifelong learning is still as natural to Julian as his father’s pioneering food concept.


Sustainable nutrition without thinking

Do you want to know how to eat more sustainable food without thinking? Sustainable nutrition is key for protecting our environment. Food related impacts are contributing up to 30% of the ecological damage in Switzerland. Julian will introduce you to a life-changing concept that can lead us back to ecological and tasty products. The concept was developed by his father with a group of pioneers 40 years ago and is more relevant today than ever. Let Julian take you on a journey back to his childhood.