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Lucie Kendall

Lucie Kendall

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Lucie was born in 1992 in Paris and was educated in Boston, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. An early inquisitiveness for all things food led to a science degree in food engineering.

Since 2018 she has worked in innovation, both in ‘proof of concept management’ for start-ups and product development within Migros Industrie AG.

Lucie enjoys pushing the boundaries of our concept of traditional food. Experimenting with ingredients started in her teens, creating unconventional edible cake decorations. She progressed from there to producing novel snacks at university to developing the world’s first vegan hard-boiled egg, available since November 2021 in retail.


Regardless of how little – or indeed how much – time you spend thinking about it, food is central to our human experience. What we eat, how we grow and produce it and its convenience reflects our society and lives.

Lucie combines a life-long curiosity for food and her experience developing a world first and explores enablers and barriers to innovation and where the next steps on our food-footpath should start to take us.