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Martina Meyer

Martina Meyer

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As the youngest of three siblings, Martina Meyer quickly learned not to admit defeat so quickly. She developed her own strategies to beat the always much stronger brother in fighting and secure a place next to the beautiful and smart big sister. In the process, she soon realized that trying to be good at the same things as her siblings brought little attention. To her, it was important to find her own niche.

And that’s what her drives now in life: To find the uniqueness in every person.

As a communication and branding specialist it’s also the uniqueness of a company that she’s looking for to build a unique brand identity and to tell and write the story about this uniqueness across every communication channel.

And as the mother of two girls, she’s curious about how they manage to find their niche and she’s happy to support them and be part of their lives.


Did you know, that most of the people who have overcome a deeper crisis are stronger in the long result? They grow in different areas of their personality – and develop important skills we actually need in our fast changing world with huge challenges. Martina had such a deeper crisis in life and tells you in her talk, why she learned more during these years than in a leadership-seminar.