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Nicolas Huxley

Nicolas Huxley

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Nicolas is an entrepreneur who has founded a recycling company in Cambodia named Elephbo, the circularity App TauschToni and a sustainable gadget start-up called LilyBeKind. He is a fan of minimalism, a frenetic adventurist who has cycled 4 continents and is passionate about creating impact in developing countries.


Lack of focus is a risk of every enthusiastic person, curious creator and entrepreneur. The eagerness of building new and seizing opportunities creates pitfalls that are widely underestimated. Especially in the early years of startups, there are opportunities around every corner and the grass on the other side of the fence always looks greener.

Nicolas wants to share more about the balancing act of pivoting and grinding it out with real life experiences from his entrepreneurial journey. Focus is the key to magical synergies, it is the fundamental basis of becoming the go-to person known for a topic and suddenly dots become connected by itself.