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Patricia Thenisch

Patricia Thenisch

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Patricia has always been a curious mind and loves anything related to culinary arts.  After graduating from the hotel management school in Lausanne where she had met many people from different  cultures and backgrounds, she pursued a career in marketing and sales. On this road she explored various business sectors whilst always focusing on creating a unique customer experience. Her passion for travel, her hospitality background and her Swiss-Hungarian roots have significantly impacted her approach on how she tackles new challenges. While attentively driving the digital transformation in her organization she manages to integrate operational excellence and strategic foresight together with her team.


From a young age, our lives are impacted by colors. Colors are some of the very first things we learn and we subconsciously attribute positive as well as negative feelings to them. They are often deeply personal and rooted in our own experiences. But there is more to it – find out about how color can positively impact your everyday life and how color affects your perceptions of reality.