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Patrick Heinz

Patrick Heinz

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Patrick Heinz was born in Switzerland. He has been working at the health insurer ÖKK in Landquart for 20 years. During this time, he has participated in shaping his company in various functions into an innovative, advanced insurance corporation. At the present time he is member of the executive board and responsible for claim settlements with all preceding and succeeding operations as well as various activities related to healthcare policy. His focus lies on strategic management and sustainable organizational development in a highly regulated environment. Digitalization and automation therefore play central roles. With his in-depth insurance knowledge, he contributes to diverse topics and mandates, while looking back on many years of industry and management experience.


Change your world by changing perspectives

Perception is anything but objective, we often see only what we want to see – through our own eyes and from our very own point of view. Sometimes we are so stuck in our beliefs and firmly convinced that we no longer question something. This is where perspective-taking comes into play. A direct way of changing our world by becoming more open-minded, enhancing human relationships, strengthening our decision-making ability and taking action. The question begs to be asked: How do we get there? Frankly, perspective-taking is a matter of attitude adjustment. Bear with me and become inspired…