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Stefan Frenademez

Stefan Frenademez

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Stefan Frenademez was born in Switzerland, like his mother, and his father comes from South Tyrol. He is very sporty and active, but also a gourmet without a guilty conscience who is currently experimenting with plant-based cuisine at home and is fascinated by the variety of possibilities this cuisine offers. However, he would never object to South Tyrolean home cooking or a good sushi. He is also passionate about collecting old handicrafts such as furniture or clothing, for example spaghetti westerns style. He likes the challenge in life, personally and professionally, to discover, do and learn new things. He has been working as Director Supply Chain Controlling & Processes in the semiconductor industry for more than 14 years. What he enjoys most are digital challenges, experimenting with new technologies, constantly optimizing and automating processes, and creating something new and even better.Stefan loves to laugh and have happy people around him, but also to get to know people and their stories. A spontaneous evening in a sports bar in the middle of nowhere, with chance acquaintances from other parts of the world, these are exactly the moments that remain unforgettable for him.


Unexpected – Everything as it comes

Stefan on this: “How many times do we think about how wonderful it was to be a child and discover everything new? But how often do we, as adults, allow those unexpected moments to happen? Let me share an experience with you in which I would like to show why a lion killer and a conversation about the moon landing had such an impact on me and what I, and hopefully you, can learn from it for everyday life”