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Swen Sponagel

Swen Sponagel

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Swen always shared a deep love for food. His internship at Nestlé further strengthened this passion. After finishing his Master degree at HSG, Swen joined gategroup, the global leader in airline catering. For 11+ years Swen held various roles along strategic, commercial and operational dimensions. He was leading two Catering-Units as general manager, managed the global Retail Business Development department and was driving gategroup’s operational standardization across 150 catering-units globally. With his international background Swen is a little bit of a cultural chameleon. He lived in Taipei, Sydney, Singapore, Washington DC and Orlando. Today his family’s home is Zurich.


Swen gained extensive international experience, but  grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. This strongly defined his perspectives and values until this day. It is one reason why in 2021, he decided to leave the corporate world and join a growing start-up as CEO. He is convinced that with a smile and some self-irony you can achieve a lot. “No one will do it for you” – as a digital leader he wants to create energy and make a positive impact every day. Cultivating trust and open environments where everybody can challenge and excel.