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Swen Sponagel

Swen Sponagel

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Swen always shared a deep love for food. His internship at Nestlé further strengthened this passion. After finishing his Master degree at HSG, Swen joined gategroup, the global leader in airline catering. For 11+ years Swen held various roles along strategic, commercial and operational dimensions. He was leading two Catering-Units as general manager, managed the global Retail Business Development department and was driving gategroup’s operational standardization across 150 catering-units globally. With his international background Swen is a little bit of a cultural chameleon. He lived in Taipei, Sydney, Singapore, Washington DC and Orlando. Today his family’s home is Zurich.


Swen gained extensive international experience, but  grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. This strongly defined his perspectives and values until this day. It is one reason why in 2021, he decided to leave the corporate world and join a growing start-up as CEO. He is convinced that with a smile and some self-irony you can achieve a lot. “No one will do it for you” – as a digital leader he wants to create energy and make a positive impact every day. Cultivating trust and open environments where everybody can challenge and excel.


How cannabis can help to feed 10bn people by 2050

Our global population could reach 10 billion by 2050. To feed that many people, our agriculture needs to be 60-70% more productive than today. There are possible solutions in play today such as genetically modified food. But GMO causes one big dilemma: some countries might not allow it, and some consumers might not want to eat it. To address the global food shortage, we need innovative solutions that are accepted by us, the consumers. What if I were to tell you that we could learn everything there is to know to solve the world food shortage problem from cannabis breeding?