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Yvonne Samaritani

credit: Adrian Bretscher

Yvonne Samaritani

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Yvonne Samaritani already thought in the upper school: If this history book was written more attractively, we would understand much more connections. 

How do you simplify the complex? How do you tell a story in such a way that the message remains? How do you promote opinion formation? Yvonne was a journalist vor 10 years. Today she is a communication professional and mother of two kids. Seing so many colleagues and friends getting back to financial dependence after motherhood, she asks herself: What do we need to finally find more equal family models? Questions like that lead her to take an interest again in topics from her first profession as a banker.


How many days do you work? Every parent knows this question. You even get asked this on the playground. Why do so many families still choose old role models? What does financial depence means for now and for later? What if family happiness is not dependent on time? She wants to inspire parents to be more self-determined in the question: What kind of everyday life do we want?