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Until the next TEDxHWZ event takes place, we would like to recommend allt this inspiring talks from 2022 on the topic “Enrich your mind”.

Jonathan Moritz

New behaviour new results

At the age of 21, Jonathan started a long-term adventure and experiment, which he did not take too seriously at the beginning. At the end of his travel through the USA, he drew up a fifteen-year plan on a bench in Central Park in New York. In this plan, he set himself various milestones that he wanted to achieve in the future.

His starting position at that time:

  • Psychologically absolutely demotivated because the amazing stay abroad in the USA had come to an end
  • Physically totally exhausted because the gigantic 10’000 mile road trip from coast to coast and back again and the countless obligatory parties had left their mark
  • Financially, over $15,000 in debt

How far Jonathan has come with his plan and what experiences he has made during this time is what he will reveal in his TEDx Talk.

Lucie Kendall

How an egg made me believe in myself

Regardless of how little – or indeed how much – time you spend thinking about it, food is central to our human experience. What we eat, how we grow and produce it and its convenience reflects our society and lives.

Lucie combines a life-long curiosity for food and her experience developing a world first and explores enablers and barriers to innovation and where the next steps on our food-footpath should start to take us.

Martin Koch

Thoughts are real forces

From the moment we wake up in the morning we are following our thoughts, even obeying them. However, if we take the role of the listener, we realize that we are entangled in an inner, sometimes mad dialogue. This dialogue is subject to a deep categorization into “good” and “bad”, and has an impact on us and our decisions.

Trusting in his inner voice, Martin reached a personal dead end in dealing with his own mistakes and failures. Which path he took and what helped him in the process, he reveals to us in his talk.

Martina Meyer

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Did you know, that most of the people who have overcome a deeper crisis are stronger in the long result? They grow in different areas of their personality – and develop important skills we actually need in our fast changing world with huge challenges. Martina had such a deeper crisis in life and tells you in her talk, why she learned more during these years than in a leadership-seminar.

Nicolas Huxley

Why focus creates magic

Lack of focus is a risk of every enthusiastic person, curious creator and entrepreneur. The eagerness of building new and seizing opportunities creates pitfalls that are widely underestimated. Especially in the early years of startups, there are opportunities around every corner and the grass on the other side of the fence always looks greener.

Nicolas wants to share more about the balancing act of pivoting and grinding it out with real life experiences from his entrepreneurial journey. Focus is the key to magical synergies, it is the fundamental basis of becoming the go-to person known for a topic and suddenly dots become connected by itself.

Patricia Thenisch

The hidden power of colours

From a young age, our lives are impacted by colors. Colors are some of the very first things we learn and we subconsciously attribute positive as well as negative feelings to them. They are often deeply personal and rooted in our own experiences. But there is more to it – find out about how color can positively impact your everyday life and how color affects your perceptions of reality.

Rob Holub


Social media has propelled public attention to become the most powerful and seemingly most valuable asset in life. For the past 15 years big tech companies encourage individuals to turn themselves into private brands. This comes at a cost. Screen addiction is real, as is social media addiction. Documenting everything and sharing it online has become a sellable commodity. Are we living a true version of ourselves or are we aiming to present the perfect ME in order to be somebody for the world? Over the course of creating a personal documentary film, I want to reflect a struggle that millions share: living in a society where the greatest currency is public attention.

Sarah Genner

Finding the digital good life

How can we deal with the endless possibilities of being connected 24/7? Does more technology make us infinitely more productive? Finding the digital good life is about balancing the risks and rewards of digital technologies –– in our personal lives and when collaborating in the world of work.

Suba Umathevan

From refugee to CEO

I will share my story of

– how I learned to embrace cultural identity and diversity. Everything I perceived as weaknesses in my childhood, I turned into strengths and learned to value my authenticity.

– how owning my potential helped me overcome cultural barriers and social norms.

Yvonne Samaritani

Let’s divide this pie more evenly!

How many days do you work? Every parent knows this question. You even get asked this on the playground. Why do so many families still choose old role models? What does financial depence means for now and for later? What if family happiness is not dependent on time? She wants to inspire parents to be more self-determined in the question: What kind of everyday life do we want?

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