Life’s a Teacher
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Because life writes the best stories. On Saturday, November 25, 2023, a finely curated selection of twelve speakers will present special anecdotes, ingenious innovations, razor-sharp insights, but also tragic experiences from their lives and experiences, as exciting and gripping as your favorite series.

12 People, 12 Stories, 12 Speeches

Gain insights from the speaker's personal experience as a neurodivergent individual, who was later diagnosed with ADHD, and discover practical strategies and coping mechanisms for mastering your ADHD at work.

Gisela Andrade
Adhd - thriving not surviving, unleash your full potential at work as a neurodivergent

I will take you on a journey with a spaceship that will transport us beyond the outermost planet Neptune, to Proxima Centauri, to the lower edge of the Milky Way, and finally to the Andromeda Galaxy.

Andreas Baer
The Starship Captain

Everyone is part of an organization, be it a company, a sports club, or a family. Today, there's a strong demand for change in how we participate in these groups. In this talk, we'll explore six key dimensions that organizations must evolve in to be future-ready. Relevant for leaders, entrepreneurs, team members, and family members.

Yannick Blaettler
The future culture of organizations - Six important dimensions for every kind of organization

How’s: passion, focus, creativity, basic trust, respect – learn more!

Markus Blum
How to create and live your dreamlife

The single greatest threat to humanity is climate change. That is not breaking news, but the consequences are…

Gina Domanig
Why isn’t innovation saving the planet?

Do you have a bucket list? Are the right things on it? Let’s listen to Colette's story and get inspired.

Colette Dupont
Should you have a bucket list?

Explore the secrets to recharging your mental battery and preventing burnout. Learn about the High Performance Routine model, gain insights from the speaker's personal experiences, and discover practical strategies for a healthier work-life balance. Join the journey towards prioritizing mental well-being and sustainable productivity.

Flavio Handschin
Recharge Your Mind, Redefine Your Limits: Embracing High-Performance Routine for Mental Resilience

Dive into the fascinating topic of deep sleep and its significant impact on cardiovascular health and well-being. Discover latest research on how gentle auditory cues can enhance the benefits of deep sleep for cardiovascular function and learn about science-based strategies to increase deep sleep, promoting a healthier heart overnight.

Stephanie Huwiler
Cardiovascular Vacation: explore how deep sleep supports your heart

Transforming my life with a sporty mindset.

Jann Roffler
The Tick's Impact

Unlock the secrets of resilience in the face of life's most challenging blows and discover the path to acceptance and success. Delve into the transformative power of humor as we confront these obstacles and break down societal stigmas together. Embark on a journey of empowerment and personal growth with me.

Fabian Schaufelberger
Laugh and Accept Life’s Blows

This fast paced tour d'horizon takes you on a journey to the edges of current nation states. To projects aiming at creating new jurisdictions, new semi-sovereign entities, new private cities. In short: visions and ideas to question what it means to be sovereign today and tomorrow.

Thomas Sevcik
Build Your Own Ministate: The rise of special purpose jurisdictions

Other languages, other customs: What power do words and language have, and what influence have they exerted on us since childhood? In an increasingly global world, we are all translators of our origins, ideologies and visions.

Shqipe Sylejmani
Translators – The stories behind words

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